Chiara Zanellato

“Experimenting is the key to gain experience”

To me, the study of materials in their most varied facets represents a huge point of interest. In-depth analysis allows me to appreciate specific and unique characteristics, thus being able to intertwine and find the meeting point between them: this is a focal point of most of my works.  As an apprentice modeller for a company in the Nove area (Italy), throughout the duration of the programme, I predominantly worked with clay, plaster and silicone rubber.
Mine is a continuous research for ever new, varied, stimulating emotions which leads me to wander a lot: from wood to resins, copper, clay and plaster, taking advantage of every new possibility that presents itself to be experimented. As a personal language, I’m mastering the interpenetration between ceramic and beaten copper: I create gashes, lacerations and wounds which I then amend later on. The outcome is a cathartic and introspective effect which emerges in my creations.
I am constantly learning and perfecting the art of patience, in contrast to my frenetic and instinctive nature. On the other hand, ceramic requires a lot of understanding and long awaits. When creating, I engrave in the object a deep and spontaneous feeling, which once metabolised I look at it with a renewed amazement.