An apple to keep your dreams safe.

“The only way to resist a temptation is giving in to it”

Eva Design doesn’t create an apple that has to be eaten, but an apple to dream.
A moneybox created to protect your dreams and to help you to realize them and make them true, letting them inspire, thrill and make better the world around you.

A&D Eva Design foto Bibo Cecchini (20)

Our origin

Since forever, it is impossible to resist to the apple.

Over the centuries, “apple” has become the name of cities that never sleep, record labels that made history and technological innovations destined to change the world.

Today, Raffaella and William interpret its shape giving it a well recognizable, yet always different, face to follow the personality of those who will make Eva Design’s creations main characters of their environments, making them better. An example is the City collection, which represents some of the most evocative cities in the world, created for those who want to travel towards the goals of the heart.

The apple contains an absolute and timeless symbology, it is a universally understood language, made of grace and passion, and it is able to endlessly involve and excite.

Simple … just as biting an apple

The idea of Eva, the apple of desire, came up in 2016 from the will of interior designers Raffaella Guarda and William Zanotto to create a surprising design piece, which could be a dream keeper that concretely inspires the realization of people’s desires.

Even the shape of the apple by Eva Design is the result of a great stylistic research and attention to details. It originates from a thirty centimeters diameter clay prototype, with shapes worked and refined to replicate the original design born from the creativity of William Zanotto.

This is the added value of Eva Design creations: not only giving life to new and original products, but also loading them with a unique functionality of their kind, making them the perfect piggy bank to keep your most precious dreams.

This is how two of the most Eva Design’s significant collections were created, made to leave a mark, yours. The Guestbook apple acts as the “Book of Signatures”, a white canvas that waits to be filled with dedications and messages from special people. On the black surface of Blackboard, instead, you can unleash your imagination, free your thoughts and desires, even the craziest ones, without fear… writing, erasing and rewriting them countless times.

Apples of art

Rediscover the ability to amaze… and be amazed.

“A beautiful thing is an everlasting joy.”

Eva Design products help us to rediscover the ability to be surprised in front of beauty. Just a glance and apples can impress with the strength of their shapes, their colors, silky, matt or shiny surfaces, creativity and quality of realization.

Not simple objects but real sculptures, created with mastery by ceramists who are able to conceal in them valuable meanings. Like the Luxury and Luxury Texture collection, where apples become precious jewels made of 24k gold, platinum and bronze, in the name of an eternal style.

The versatility of all the different collections not only makes them collectible, but also allows them to be combined with other iconic design objects in order to create combinations of great expressive and aesthetic strength. The shape of the apples allows you to present them as you like, giving rise to scenographies of great effect. Like the magical game of light created by the special Le Incastonate collection, created with 249 manually set Murano glass rhinestones, for an incredible shine.

A&D Eva Design foto Bibo Cecchini (17)

Made in Italy Research and Design

Ceramic, passion, quality and creativity

The path to arrive at such a perfect essentiality is made up of creativity, work, ability and experimentation. Each stage of the manufacturing is done by hand, as required by the Italian artisan excellence.

Each element is combined in a harmonious way by the skilled hands of master ceramists, until they get the perfect composition. At that point, the apples of desire are ready to be entrusted to the inspiration of artists and become iconic and exclusive design creations.

As with all handmade products, each apple presents a slight difference in shape, weight and size, a great added value that emphasizes their uniqueness and value.

We give shape to your desire.

Indeed, we do much more: we give them a cozy home, a dream-box to inspire you every day. Waiting for your desires to finally take flight and become a wonderful reality.

What you want deserves to be kept in a special place, carefully crafted, mirroring your style and the one of the environment in which you live, to be unique like you. We also do this through our personalized creations, which we take care of in every detail to make your desire even more beautiful to be lived and protected. Each apple expresses the quality and love for details that are the indelible signature of craftsmanship and Made in Italy design.

And what about you, have you chosen yours yet?

A particular piece of furniture

The realization of your dreams and desires