Eva Decor Giungla

Ceramic apple with decorative pattern.

This collection of EVA apples, with its rhythmic patterns and textures generated by interweaving of strokes and colors, offers repeatable but at the same time unique works decorated by the expert hands of our master ceramists. The inspirations for the graphics of these products come from refined decorative patterns, furnishing textures and the trends of the moment.
This apple is a design object that will be created specifically for you at the time of ordering: the production time to get your Eva, the apple of desire is: 3 weeks.

Technical description

Apple-shaped moneybox with decorations wich are repeatable but yet manually painted by the artist. On the product there are two holes: one for the entry of coins on the top and one for the extraction of the contents on the base. Each piece is signed by the decorator and produced entirely in Italy. The pieces are repeatable.


Tin bin and cover with steel ring filled with polyurethane foam inserted in a cardboard box.

Product care

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